Our experienced dentists may recommend a denture if you have lost multiple teeth. Dentures are a prosthetic oral appliance which replace your missing teeth and allow you to eat, speak and smile normally once again. With dentures, you can regain your confidence and your quality of life!

There are two main types of dentures — complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. They may be used to replace the upper arch, lower arch or both dental arches. Partial dentures are typically recommended when you are missing some teeth but still have healthy teeth remaining. They usually include a thin framework or clasps to attach to your natural teeth and secure the appliance in your mouth. Dentures may also be placed atop implants to provide greater stability for your restoration.

It usually requires several appointments to create your dentures. Multiple appointments are required because your denture needs to fit perfectly in order to be comfortable and effective. We will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire denture creation process to ensure that you receive the best possible results from your treatment.

Please be aware that your denture will need regular maintenance in order to remain in good condition. Our dentists will provide you with instructions on caring for your appliance and will check them for any signs of repair. If your denture is causing discomfort or any part of it breaks, contact Clear Dental immediately.

If you have any questions about dentures in Anchorage, Alaska, or to schedule your appointment with one of our dentists, call us today at (907) 33-SMILE(76453).