If your teeth have sustained damage from cavities, cracking or chipping, a dental filling may be the right solution for you. Fillings are designed to “fill in” the damaged areas of the tooth, restoring its shape, contours, strength and appearance to give you back a healthy smile. Fillings are a more conservative treatment, preventing further damage from occurring so that you can avoid more extensive and complex treatments at a later date.

There are two main types of fillings available: amalgam (silver) and composite (tooth-colored). Composite fillings are often the preferred type of filling, as they are designed to match the natural color of your teeth and blend in with your smile. Tooth-colored fillings also have several distinct advantages — this type of filling bonds with your natural tooth structure to produce a better long-term result and prevent decay from reaching under the filling. They are more durable, and do not contain any material that is hazardous to your health, unlike amalgam fillings which contain mercury. Fillings can typically be placed in a single appointment, allowing you to leave our office with a renewed smile without any waiting periods.

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