The soft tissues in the mouth help protect and isolate teeth from bacteria. However, if a patient suffers from gum recession or loss, they can lose this protection. The roots of the teeth can become exposed, increasing their risk for infection and increasing tooth sensitivity. Also, the exposed enamel can make the teeth look overly long, so patients feel less confident in their smiles. To help restore lost tissue, schedule a soft tissue graft with Clear Dental.

If you suffer from receded gums, meet with our dentists for a consultation. During your visit, our dentists can examine your mouth and determine if a graft is necessary. Often, our office can combine this procedure with other periodontal treatments, especially if the soft tissue has been damaged by gum disease. Procedures like scaling and root planing can help prevent future recession and keep your graft tissue healthy. If recession is caused by aggressive brushing, we may also recommend changes in your daily hygiene habits. Reach out to our office and see how our team can help you restore your smile. Plan a soft tissue graft in Anchorage, Alaska, by calling us at (907) 33-SMILE(76453) and go over this treatment with our dentists to find out more. Our dentists and our team are always ready to answer your questions.