Trust our office to help you protect your smile through safe, effective wisdom teeth extraction in Anchorage, Alaska. If you or your child need their wisdom teeth removed, come and plan an appointment with Clear Dental. Our dentists will help put you at ease, making your experience as comfortable as possible.

Wisdom teeth develop last and are also known as “third molars.” Because they appear last, these teeth can cause developmental and orthodontic issues. They can also become “Impacted” and fail to erupt out of the gumline. If these teeth threaten the health of your smile, our dentists may recommend that they be removed.

When a patient schedules an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction, our dentists will examine their smile to see if extraction is necessary. This may involve a dental exam as well as taking X-rays and other digital images. X-ray images help determine the location of the wisdom teeth and if they threaten the health of your smile. To avoid future problems, our dentists can remove these problems with relative ease. Contact our office at (907) 33-SMILE(76453) for a consultation. During your visit, our dentists can go over the steps for wisdom tooth extraction as well as how to take care of your smile post-treatment.