The dental world has progressed immensely in the last hundred years. One of the more innovative advancements that has occurred is the evolution of X-rays. Digital radiography has helped us develop a more convenient, faster way to take dental X-rays. This digital approach uses a sensor to take images of your teeth and jaw, unlike traditional X-rays, where film is needed. These were often taken with a patient biting down on film or holding a piece of film to the roof of their mouth. Digital X-rays provide a more comfortable and safer option for patients.

Clear Dental uses digital X-rays to evaluate your teeth and jaw, looking closely at any problems with fillings, root infections (which may need a root canal), developmental issues, changes in the mouth or teeth, and bone loss. Digital technology allows our team to instantly view high-quality images on our computers, so we can provide you with results quickly and efficiently. From there, our team will be able to diagnose and recommend any treatment needed.

Digital X-rays in Anchorage, Alaska, can help our dentists find possible dental problems, so it’s important to come in for your biannual exams and cleanings. To schedule an appointment or consultation, give our team a call at (907) 33-SMILE(76453) to see what time is best for you.