Root canals are one of the most common ways our dentists can treat endodontic issues. When the internal tissue, nerves or blood vessels are severely damaged, root canal therapy can help seal off and protect the tooth. Often, a root canal will also involve a dental restoration to help restore the overall structure of the tooth. If you have a sore tooth, contact Clear Dental and plan an exam with our dentists.

During your exam, our dentists will look over the tooth, take X-rays and do any other prep work before recommending a root canal. If this therapy is the best way forward, we will help you plan your restoration as well as your root canal treatment in Anchorage, Alaska. Often, root canals are needed when tooth decay reaches the internal pulp, though sometimes it is used to restore teeth that have been damaged by an accident or injury. If left untreated, these circumstances can cause the death of the tooth. Avoid this and plan a root canal treatment with our practice. You can arrange an appointment with us by calling (907) 33-SMILE(76453) or by stopping by our office. A member of our dental team can get you started on treatment and answer your questions.