In addition to root canals, pulp capping is another endodontic treatment that we offer at Clear Dental. All endodontic treatments help treat and restore damage to the inner pulp of the tooth. This contains nerves, soft tissue and blood vessels that keep the teeth alive. Pulp capping is specifically designed to help this inner tissue heal and protect it from further damage. There are two main types of pulp capping treatments, including:

Indirect Pulp Caps — Our dentists will use an indirect pulp cap when treating certain cases involving tooth decay. If the pulp is too close to becoming exposed, instead of removing all of the tissue, our dentists may instead seal off the decayed material. This will prevent the decay from spreading and help with restoration. Often this is recommended for primary, or baby, teeth.

Direct Pulp Caps — Direct pulp caps cover pulp tissue that has been exposed, filling the area with a material such as calcium hydroxide and sealing it off. Usually this is not recommended for primary teeth unless it has been damaged by an accident.

Depending on the patient, our dentists may recommend either of these treatments. If you need to schedule a pulp capping treatment in Anchorage, Alaska, contact our office at (907) 33-SMILE(76453). You can arrange a consultation with our dentists or schedule the treatment itself with a member of our team.