Though many people may get nervous when they hear the words “root canal,” the procedure is an effective way to treat and restore teeth damaged by infection, disease, decay or injury. While this appears more often in adults, some children do experience these issues as well. To help address the needs of young patients, our office offers pediatric root canal therapy in Anchorage, Alaska.

These root canals are catered to the unique needs of children and primary (baby) teeth. Though primary teeth will eventually be replaced by adult teeth, it is still important to keep these healthy. Failing to address endodontic issues in baby teeth can lead to bigger problems with neighboring teeth, cause discomfort and even interfere with the emergence of permanent teeth. To treat your child’s symptoms and prevent future issues, schedule a pulpotomy with us by calling (907) 33-SMILE(76453).

During a pulpotomy, or pediatric root canal, our dentists will remove any infected or damaged tissue. This area will then be sterilized, conserving as much of the pulp and nerve tissue as possible. Then the area will be will filled and covered, most often with a dental crown restoration. Throughout the process at Clear Dental, our dentists will help your child feel at ease and as comfortable as possible.