A “sore tooth” is often a sign that there are problems going on inside of the tooth. When the inner dental pulp is damaged, the nerves there send messages to the brain signaling “soreness” or discomfort. The damage can be a result of an accident or if a cavity has spread to the innermost structures. Fortunately, our practice provides several different treatments to help treat the inner parts of the tooth.

Most often, doctors will refer to these kinds of treatments as a branch of endodontics. Endodontics addresses problems in the dental pulp, saving the tooth before infection spreads and causes more damage. If left unaddressed, endodontic problems can cause the death of the tooth and even affect neighboring structures — such as the jawbone, nearby teeth or soft tissues. If you have a sore tooth, don’t put off treatment; come to Clear Dental for endodontics in Anchorage, Alaska.

During an endodontic appointment, our dentists can examine the source of the problem: the sore tooth. We can also check to see if any other structures have been affected. Any treatment we recommend will be based on these and any additional examinations. Reach out to us today at (907) 33-SMILE(76453) if you would like to schedule an endodontic consultation or treatment.